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Sundiata, the Tale Weaver is a filmmaker, multitalented griot (storyteller), author, musician, martial artist, and public school educator. He is a graduate of Clark Atlanta University, where he majored in mass media arts and was involved in music production with the S.O.L.A.R. Panel. He also helped produce a long-running radio show in Atlanta called, “The Panther Power Hour.”

Sundiata is CEO of Vortex Tales, a creative media company. He made his public debut as a film director in 2012 with the release of A Touch of Love: Black History 2012, in conjunction with Origin Nile Films. He is the author of numerous children’s stories featuring some modified versions of classic folktales. These titles include The Tale of Mkeke*, The Roach in Clothes*, They Call Him Bigg-O, The Bully*, The Bag Lady*, The Hairyman*, Three Billygoats Gruffneck*, The Three Bears Rhyme*, and Johnny Come Lately.
(*These are books with audio.)

Sundiata heads Bagman Productions with Squally Darx as chief producer. Bagman Productions is a satellite music production company that produced the background music for all of Vortex Tales audio tales including The Tale of Mkeke, numerous songs, movie soundtracks, and hip-hop LPs. Sundiata is also a partner of a multimedia company based in Los Angeles known as Street Pressure.

Sundiata grew up in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and the greater Boston area. He has worked with children in Boston’s inner-city community centers. Currently, he works in Atlanta Public Schools and has established a martial arts self-defense company called Defend the Temple.

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